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Sunday, December 31, 2006

This One Is For You, Troy!

Our good friend, Troy Angwin, helped us to aquire these AWESOME bikes for the kids.

Tayah was in desperate need of a new bike, as she was still riding her original two wheeler (that Sera Ann now rides). So after dragging our feet for a few months, Nate and Troy figured out which Specialized bikes would be best for the kids and finally, this December, the bikes arrived for Tayah and Max.
They LOVE them...riding them day and night. We were a bit worried that Max's bike would be a little big for him, but he practiced and practiced starting and stopping and after about a week he was in complete controll. He is sooo proud of himself...and ready for his first 'try'athlon with his new bike next weekend.
And Sera Ann completely surprised us when we lowered the seat and put the training wheels back on Tayah's old bike, she immediately sat on it and starting pedaling...
for a girl who had just turned two the week before, we were amazed at how she just took off!
She now rides around as if she were a big kid - up and down the sidewalk and street. (wasn't she supposed to first ride a tricycle???)

Needless to say, Nate is super excited that all three of his kids have a love of we just need to get Mom a bike!

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas 2006

Well we had a fabulous Christmas this year. Santa was good to all - and then some!
I hope that you all had a healthy and happy Christmas and that you are looking forward to the New Year.
For some reason, the camera was forgotten for much of the day - but I did get some photos of the kids and hopefully I was able to capture their excitement of the day.
Here is Max with part of his new Pirate costume from Aunt Lynne...needless to say, thanks to the sword, the costume was a hugh hit.
And Tayah in her Lilo costume...she had put the costume on right after opening it, and then proceeded to run out the door and parade around in front of our house in hopes that some of her neighborhood friends might see her and come out for a visit...that's our Tayah... Posted by Picasa

Christmas 2006 cont.

Max checking his stocking..."no coal for me this year!"
Santa was here!
"Now, let's see...where do I begin?? So many toys, so little time (before my little sister gets her hands on these!)"
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Island of Tinian

Nate and Sera Ann at the pool in Tinian.
We spent three days in Tinian this past weekend.
The Jewell family was there for two of the days with us and then we stayed an extra day just the 5 of us. We took the ferry over on Friday (one hour ferry ride) and left on the Monday ferry.
We had a blast - enjoying the pool, water slide, beach, playground, pizza place, family games of hide-and-go-seek, big Christmas trees, gum-ball machine, game room, etc.!
It was a wonderful way to spend some family time - away from all the hectic days of the Christmas season. Posted by Picasa

Tinian cont.

Max buried in the sand...
Max in one of his favorite places in the the beach completely immersed in sand...he could play like this for days.
Tayah loves the waves and played in them for hours.
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Tinian cont.

Nate and Max after a swim...
Nate and the kids in front of the Christmas tree in the Dynasty lobby. This area of the lobby is a perfect place for an 'echo' - so the kids run around the tree yelling and singing and the echo is incredible!

Jumping into the pool! Posted by Picasa

Tinian cont.

On the beach...
This beach is right across the street from the hotel. Great snorkeling and swimming.
We have even seen turtles right off-shore.
The boys on the beach...
Sera Ann...
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hell Of The North! (Mt. Bike Race)

Nate organized the Hell Of The North Mt. Bike Race this past weekend. It included 4 laps - half on single track/trail- around a loop in the Northern part of the island. There was a great turn-out and the weather cooperated with cloud cover (to keep the riders cool).
Here is a picture of the top three finishers (Nate, Tyce and Kieran) and many of the great 'helpers'! The race wouldn't be the same without all the kids cheering the racers on!
At the starting line...Nate giving out the last min. instructions. Posted by Picasa

Hell Of The North! cont.

Tayah, Max and Sera Ann at our 'post' during the race.
The four of us were in charge of one of the trail heads (single track) - warning hikers and other bikers that there was a Mountain Bike race going on and that fast bikers would be coming through the trail.
There weren't many hikers so it was a pretty easy job - but it was a great spot to watch all the mt. bikers fly by as they had to do the loop 4 times...we had fun chearing on all the riders!
Getting ready for the race! Still smilin'!
After the race, checking numbers and times. Also looking for who would get the cherished 'dirtiest bike' award!
Max and Sera with Max's swim coach Mieko. Mieko is a great athlete - she competed last month in the X-Terra National Championship in Hawaii and did awesome.
Mt. biking is her most difficult sport (other than swimming and running) but she still had a smile on her face after this race... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Korean Soap Opera!

Nate and I spent one full Saturday acting as extras for a Korean television Soap Opera that was here in Saipan for two days of shooting. Apperently the story had the actors here on Saipan for a vacation.
I was quite an experience! There were really only a few locations that we were needed - at Banzai cliff looking like American tourists on Saipan and then again for a few different shots at the airport...walking through the parking lot with suitcases and then past the two main families as they were getting into their airport transportation.
It was fun to be the only Americans (along with two other extras) - everything was obviously done in Korean. There would be Korean, Korean, Korean and then we would hear "you guys!" followed by some hand signals and that was our 'official' call to 'duty'!
All in all we had a great day, the weather was perfect and it was an exciting experience. Posted by Picasa

Korean Soap Opera cont.

Nate and I enjoying our time together during the 'shooting' at Banzai Cliff. It was almost like a 'date' - spending the day together without kids, going to fun places on the island, eating at a Korean restaurant, etc.!
Two other 'extra's' watching the shooting at Banzai Cliff. They are both teachers at SIS - the woman is Tayah's Spanish teacher and after hearing Tayah talk highly of her for the past year and a half, it was fun spending the day getting to know her and her husband (who teaches at the SIS High School).
This is one of the Soap Opera's main characters. He is apparently very well known in Korea - a Brad Pitt of Korean television! He was very friendly and because his English was fairly good it was easy for us to talk with him.
Nate and I watching the action at Banzai Cliff. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sera Ann turns 2!

Happy Birthday Sera!
Nate was off island for Sera Ann's official birthday, so we celebrated 10 days late (she never knew!).
She had a blast drinking with her umbrella straw, eating pizza, singing Happy Birthday, blowing out the candles, eating cake (3 pieces!), getting cake all over her body and hair and opening presents.
Everyone was very generous with their presents for Sera...thank you.
Bottom picture is of Sera Ann with her new baby from Grami and Bapa...she loved feeding the new baby her bottle.
Well our baby is 2! (oh the wonderful 2's!)

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