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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TagaKids Triathlon

Every year, Saipan has an amazing week called Sports Fest. In a nutshell, there is a triathlon at both ends of the week - first the off-road XTerra and then the road Tagaman Tri.
Pre, Post and In-between, there is a ton of adventure and outdoor related activities with all of the professional athletes that come from around the world to partake in this incredible island work-out.
TagaKids is a kids version of the Tagaman triathlon that takes place during the adult Tagaman (while the athletes are out on their bikes).
Max decided to join the 6 - 9 year old division of TagaKids. I must admit that I don't really remember the exact distances of the bike and run portion - only that the swim was a 100 meter ocean swim.
Max was one of the youngest participants - but still did an amazing job.
I think that his swim was his strongest area - but he said that his favorite was the bike (just like his dad).

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TagaKids Triathlon

Max coming in on his bike...
Racing towards the finish line!
With some fellow racers and friends. The two taller boys were in the age division above Max, and Steven on the far right is a year older than Max and in the same age division (6 - 9).
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Waiting patiently for Daddy

After Max'x TagaKids Triathlon, we stayed down at the park, waiting for Nate to come through for his transition from bike to run.
Here, Sera Ann sits atop the American Memorial sign, watching intently for any sign of Daddy's bike.
After Max was done with his Triathlon, he really wanted to wait for his dad to transition off his bike and cheer him on for his run portion of the race.
This picture says it all...
Nate coming in from the on his run.
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Sera Ann's 1st Soccer Season

I spent the first game out on the field with Sera Ann; holding her hand, running with her and swearing to myself that this was going to be the last time I was going to do this.
She must have heard me because by her second game she was out there on her own, running up and down the field and even scored three goals!
This Sat. is her last game of the season, with a pizza party to follow, and she is sad that it is over. We will see what the Fall season brings.

Sera Ann going in for the score!
I took this photo right after she scored a goal.
She had immediately turned to look at me - as if to say "see mom, I did it!"
Sera and Timmy talking 'strategy' pre-game...
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