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Friday, May 04, 2007

Grandpa and Aunt Jess visit Saipan

We were lucky enough to have Grandpa and Aunt Jess visit Saipan for almost 2 weeks. Since it was the 3rd trip for both, we were able to focus on relaxing and enjoying eachothers company rather then running around and trying to 'see all the sights'. There were some great highlights though and I thought that I would share some on the blog for family and friends to see. One of the things I do not have picutres of was Trivia Night at PIC. There was a fundraiser for the kids school (Saipan International School) which involved a night of food, drinks and trivia at PIC. Each team consisted of tables of 6 players - so it was the five of us (Grandpa, Jess, Nate, Nick and Me) and our good friend Joe (who is an FBI agent out here). We decided to have some good old Hawley fun so we borrowed some of the absolutely crazy PIC wigs (that they use for their shows) and dressed as 'The Haoliewood Stars' - a play on words - Door County is called Hawleywood - Joe is from California (Hollywood) and Haolies are what the 'white' people in Pacific are called. Once a get copies of Jess and Bob's pictures, I will share them with you - they are a riot!
The picture here was taken on Managaha...
This is also Managaha - we walked around the small island and then finished the walk with snorkeling from this spot back to where the boat was anchored.
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Grandpa and Aunt Jess visit Saipan

Beach on Managaha...
The little black dot you see out there is actually Nate and Sera Ann...
Sera will hang onto the back of Nate while he snorkels - she loves it!
It is pretty funny b/c when they get close enough to shore, all you see is Sera's head bobbing above the water and she will shout at us or if she hears us talking she will try to join in on the conversation...and if she can't hear what we are saying, she will yell "what?!".

Max at his finest...
Max, Tayah and Kavu couldn't get enough of the jumping...again and again and again.
Taking a walk around Managaha...
Sera Ann just hanging out on Managaha...(literally)
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Grandpa and Aunt Jess visit Saipan - April 2007

Here is our very independent and active two year old...she is now swimming 'on her own'. This girl will do anything to keep up with Max.

Jess and Gandpa were lucky enough to be here for the infamous Flame Tree Festival. Here are a few pictures of some the dances we watched. These are some of the Carolinian dancers.

We also spent a great day at Managaha (little island off the west coast of Saipan). Our friend Jim took us out in his boat (his son is Max's best friend) for the day. It was a perfect day of relaxing, swimming, boating, snorkeling and eating! At one point of the day, when Grandpa was snorkeling with the kids, he looked up at the kids and looked around at the blue ocean water and what is their 'backyard playground' and thought to himself "well they wouldn't be doing this in Oshkosh".
It is very hard for us to be 8000 miles away from family - and it does truly pull at our heartstrings not be closer - but we do love our lifestyle out here and appreciate all the wonderful experiences we have here. Tayah, Max and Sera Ann are growing up in a world full of love for other cultures, a desire to learn about others, eat their food and speak their languages. We are truly blessed.
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Gandpa and Aunt Jess visit Saipan - April 2007

Grandpa and Sera Ann
Aunt Jess and Sera Ann
Uncle Nick (because of his employement at PIC) was able to get a room at PIC for a week. This is the view Jess and Grandpa had from their patio.
Aunt Jess and Sera Ann at the lap pool at PIC. Sera's favorite word after every jump was "AGAIN! AGAIN!".
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