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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nate's Birthday - Jan. 19, 2008

We spent Nate's birthday out on a friends boat. It was a great way for the family to spend the day together doing something we all enjoy. We tied up for a while at Managaha beach...snorkeling, swimming and hiking around.
Managaha Island...
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Spring 2008

Grandpa was here for a visit all of Feb. We had a great time with him and he got to enjoy our nice weather as he got back into biking, running and swimming.
He also went with Tayah, Nate and Max on a three day camp out for Whispering Palms school at Managaha Island. We can't wait for next years visit!
Max participated in XTerra's kids bike race. It is a great way to spend some time while daddy is off on his bike portion of the race.
Nate coming into the transition area - off with the bike and onto the run! The bike trails were really muddy and slippery this year. There had been a week of very dry weather, then the full 24 hours before the race, it poured and poured, leaving the trails a crazy, muddy mess!
Haldre joined us and helped with our difficult job of spectating...
Here we are waiting for Nate at a water stop on the run. This was Grandma's 2nd time of chasing Nate around the island, watching as he swam, biked and ran. She was here for his Xterra 2006 race as well.
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XTerra Race cont.

We drove up Navy Hill and found a spot to wait for Nate to pass by on his run part of the triathlon. It ended up to be a great spot to watch Nate - and here is Max 'high-fiving' his dad as he ran by.
Nate continuing his run after a water stop...
The big finish! Great Job Nato! The woman in the pink tank is our good friend Mieko - whose 'goal' was to finish ahead of Nate...way to go Mieko!
The five of us in the recovery tent after his finish...those are ice towels on his head and legs...aaahhh...
After missing out on the last two years of racing on a team, I am determined to be part of next years XTerra! Sooo, if you talk with me, ask me how my running is going. I need all the encouragment I can get! XTerra is in March, so I have 10 months left to train.
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Spring 2008

Max, Krista, Sera Ann, Nate, Grandma Sara and Tayah with Nate at the XTerra finish line.
We had our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt again this year. After the hunt, I was looking around for Sera when Nate pointed out that she had gone straight into the kids playhouse with her basket and was quickly (before she got caught) eating each and every piece of chocolate from her basket. This is her look of surprise (or perhaps guilt) when she realized that she was busted!
We spent a day at Pau Pau with Grandma Sara during her three week stay in March. Tayah and Max love this rock as it becomes hotels and houses for their hermit crabs. They find shells, leaves, rocks, pieces of coral, etc. and make very imaginitive homes for their crabs in and around the small holes within the rock itself. The only challange is keeping those darn crabs from escaping!
Nate and his mom at Pau Pau...
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Pau Pau Beach cont.

Nate, Sera Ann, Grandma and Strider...
Nate and Max busy working in the sand...
Sera Ann holding a cup of crabs that Max caught...
Sera Ann's first week of school. Sera started the SDA preschool in April because I stared working part-time. Grandpa was here in Feb. and Grandma in March, but when they left, Sera needed to start school while I worked. I drop her off about 10:30 each day and pick her up around 3:15. She usually asks to go earlier, but once we get there at 10:30 there needs to be lots of hugs and kisses b/f I go!
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