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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer in the States 2009!

We met up with Shawna and her two boys, Logan and Dylan, and Uncle Nick at Grandma's house for a week of fun in Madison. Poor Grandma went from no kids to 5 kids all under the age of 10! Grandma Coleen, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lynne all stayed in a hotel right nearby Sara's house (and Aunt Jess, Uncle Dan, Aunt Rudie and Uncle Gene live in Madison)- so we spent our days at the Zoo, the numerous parks, the 'beach', State Street and the State Capital, Grandma's hot tub, and a family reunion on Grandma Coleen's side.
Grandma Coleen with her 5 Great-Grandchildren at the Madison Zoo.
Aunt Jess, Aunt Shawna, Grandma Coleen, Krista and Nate
Aunt Lynne, Grandma Coleen, Grandma Sara and Uncle Jeff...
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