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Monday, September 18, 2006

A Snake and Salamander Visit Max's School

Max's K4 class was learning about the letter 'S' two weeks ago - so Nate brought in a Brown Tree Snake and a Salamander for the K4 and K5 classrooms to see.
It was great fun as most of the kids had never seen a snake or salamander before (there are no sankes or salamanders on Saipan).
Max's teacher is from the island of Palau. She talked with me about growning up on Palau and how everyone was afraid of snakes. She was very nervous to have a snake in her classroom.
The Salamander has quiet an interesting background. He is an illegal resident!
He was found on a head of lettuce that was shipped from the mainland (the States) and since there are no salamanders on Saipan, he 'found' his way to Nate's office. It isn't worth sending him back, so he now enjoys a quiet, comfortable and quarantined life at the Fish and Wildlife Office!
So anyway - Max was sooo very proud of his dad for bringing in such 'cool' and unusual will be Tayah's First Grade Classroom!
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Thursday, September 07, 2006

PauPau Beach on Labor Day 2006

This is one of our favorite beaches on the northwest side of the island...really calm and great for kayaking with the kids. Morning is the best time there b/c there is usually no one else around.
The kids play around and entertain themselves - looking for crabs and other interesting sea life...and Sera loves to hold onto Daddy's back while he snorkels around...and of course Strider is always right where the action is.
Happy Labor Day to you all, wherever you may be!

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PauPau Beach on Labor Day 2006

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LauLau Run

opps! well I am still trying to figure this all out - i addes 4 pictures of my LauLau run here on Saipan - but i accidently journaled next to the 4th photo...
so if you would kindly scroll down to the 4th photo, then you will be able to read the journaling to go along with these 4 pics.!
Thanks for your patience!
Enjoy the photos...and if anyone wants to come for a visit I will gladly share my running route with you!
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'My' LauLau Run

I have been running this route for over 5 years now, and every time I run it -rain or shine- I tell myself how very lucky I am to have this less than 5 min.s outside my door. And for about the same amount of time, I have been telling myself to carry my camera along to capture this amazing run...well this week I finally did it! It was about 5:30 in the evening when I took these pics... (it gets dark here about 7:00) so there are some shadows - but that is when it is best for running b/c of the heat!
The run is just short of 6 miles (so not too long) but it is super challenging b/c of the hills (and heat). You start at the top of a fairly long hill which eventually leads you down to sea level where you run alongside the beaches of LauLau Bay. The last one you pass is known as 'The Dive Beach' b/c it offers a great shore dive. Just after The Dive Beach, the dirt road begins a steep and long uphill...the only relief comes when you get to the top the road 'flatens' out for another 1/4 mile. Then it is turn around and conquer the big hills again(and all the minor ones inbetween). There is virtually no traffic - except for the occasional Dive Truck and the few people who go to the beaches to BBQ, snorkel or fish.
There are many inviting runs like this on Saipan...but this one just happens to be closest to my house and no 'boonie' dogs. Nate runs and bikes a ton of other beautiful routes - maybe I can get him to take some photos to share!?! Posted by Picasa