Saipan Hawleys

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

President's Day at the Beach

Nate had off of work and the kids didn't have school - so we headed to PauPau Beach for a couple hours of sun, swimming, playing in the sand and hunting for hermit crabs.
Here are some pictures of our favorite spot on this beach...
Sera Ann trying to figure out just exactly how those goggles work...
Never mind...forget the eyes...I'll just eat them! Posted by Picasa

Presidents Day at the Beach cont.

Max giving thumbs up to his day at the beach

The family searches for hermit crabs!
Our little spot on the beach...
Having fun with our collection of hermit crabs! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year

We went to the Hyatt to see the Chinese New Year Celebration. A few days back, Sera Ann, Max and I had seen one of these dragons practicing in the park - so we got a great sneak preview of the drumming and dancing - however I also learned that Sera Ann was not too impressed (read terrified) with the whole thing and actually asked to get in the car and go home. Now mind you, this comes from a girl who is convinced that it is 'her turn' to try the simulated boogie boarding at PIC (which it is definetly NOT her turn for about another year or so) and who thinks that she can 'hold' the lion at the I thought that the day in the park was just an off day for her and that she would do just fine at the Hyatt performance...
I figured WRONG.
Therefore my pictures are a bit on the rushed side - for one thing I took them (trying to focus and zoom) while holding a trembling toddler, then we ran away as the mid-show fireworks went off (never in my life have I heard ANYTHING as LOUD as those fireworks) and then we spent the rest of the show amuzing ourselves at the fish pond. So my dream of having some great photos of the Chinese Dragons didn't happen - with these photos you can get a glimps of what the show was like - and what you (and I) missed! Posted by Picasa

Chinese New Year cont.

A dragon waiting to come to life...
The dancing dragons...

How Sera Ann and I spent most of the Chinese New Year celebration...looking at the fish in the pond at the Hyatt. Posted by Picasa

Saturday in Saipan

Sera Ann on the swings at the Hyatt.
We spent the day first at PIC swimming and playing, then headed down to the park for soccer practice - and then over to the Hyatt to run around and find out about Chinese New Year. Posted by Picasa

Saturday in Saipan cont.

Uncle Nick working hard as a Life Gaurd in the Lazy River at PIC.
Sera Ann loves to ride on Nate's back - Nate swims under water along the bottom of the pool and Sera doesn't mind a bit...she can hold her breath longer and longer each time.
Still hanging out in the Lazy River...
The three kids at the Hyatt. Nate was across the street at the American Memorial Park coaching the 4 year old soccer team (Max didn't want to participate that day!) and we walked over to the Hyatt to ask what time the Chinese New Year celebration was on Sunday.
Max and Sera Ann on the swing at the Hyatt. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Neighborhood Play

opps...i journaled down below...a little out of order but oh well!
Sera Ann waiting for someone to help her up to the rope swing...
Sera at the neighbors disc swing...
Sera Ann with one of the neighbor's puppys...she is obsessed with them and wants to hold them all day long.
Max in deep there ever a moment when Max is outside and does not have a stick in his hand??? Posted by Picasa

Neighborhood Play cont.

Well it has been a while since I have added photos...I have missed some great photos lately by forgetting my camera. We went on a family hike this past weekend at Banzai Cliff, rode bikes through the American Memorial Park, stopping for a while to play in the shade of the American Soldier Memorial near the Marina, and spent an afternoon with friends at the beach where the Wind Surfing Competition was being held.
So after getting over my guilt of forgetting my camera, I grabbed it this afternoon and shot a bunch of pictures of our typical afternoon in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is FILLED with kids of all ages...great fun for the kids. This pic is of Max and Cindy (also 4), they were in the vacant lot across the street from our house throwing rocks around.
Tayah and Dad blowing up balloons.
Strider getting in on the fun...
Sera Ann - in constant movement - has no patience for my camera. Here I caught her in a rare shot of her actually looking at me. Posted by Picasa