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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year

We went to the Hyatt to see the Chinese New Year Celebration. A few days back, Sera Ann, Max and I had seen one of these dragons practicing in the park - so we got a great sneak preview of the drumming and dancing - however I also learned that Sera Ann was not too impressed (read terrified) with the whole thing and actually asked to get in the car and go home. Now mind you, this comes from a girl who is convinced that it is 'her turn' to try the simulated boogie boarding at PIC (which it is definetly NOT her turn for about another year or so) and who thinks that she can 'hold' the lion at the I thought that the day in the park was just an off day for her and that she would do just fine at the Hyatt performance...
I figured WRONG.
Therefore my pictures are a bit on the rushed side - for one thing I took them (trying to focus and zoom) while holding a trembling toddler, then we ran away as the mid-show fireworks went off (never in my life have I heard ANYTHING as LOUD as those fireworks) and then we spent the rest of the show amuzing ourselves at the fish pond. So my dream of having some great photos of the Chinese Dragons didn't happen - with these photos you can get a glimps of what the show was like - and what you (and I) missed! Posted by Picasa


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