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Sunday, December 31, 2006

This One Is For You, Troy!

Our good friend, Troy Angwin, helped us to aquire these AWESOME bikes for the kids.

Tayah was in desperate need of a new bike, as she was still riding her original two wheeler (that Sera Ann now rides). So after dragging our feet for a few months, Nate and Troy figured out which Specialized bikes would be best for the kids and finally, this December, the bikes arrived for Tayah and Max.
They LOVE them...riding them day and night. We were a bit worried that Max's bike would be a little big for him, but he practiced and practiced starting and stopping and after about a week he was in complete controll. He is sooo proud of himself...and ready for his first 'try'athlon with his new bike next weekend.
And Sera Ann completely surprised us when we lowered the seat and put the training wheels back on Tayah's old bike, she immediately sat on it and starting pedaling...
for a girl who had just turned two the week before, we were amazed at how she just took off!
She now rides around as if she were a big kid - up and down the sidewalk and street. (wasn't she supposed to first ride a tricycle???)

Needless to say, Nate is super excited that all three of his kids have a love of we just need to get Mom a bike!

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