Saipan Hawleys

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hell Of The North! cont.

Tayah, Max and Sera Ann at our 'post' during the race.
The four of us were in charge of one of the trail heads (single track) - warning hikers and other bikers that there was a Mountain Bike race going on and that fast bikers would be coming through the trail.
There weren't many hikers so it was a pretty easy job - but it was a great spot to watch all the mt. bikers fly by as they had to do the loop 4 times...we had fun chearing on all the riders!
Getting ready for the race! Still smilin'!
After the race, checking numbers and times. Also looking for who would get the cherished 'dirtiest bike' award!
Max and Sera with Max's swim coach Mieko. Mieko is a great athlete - she competed last month in the X-Terra National Championship in Hawaii and did awesome.
Mt. biking is her most difficult sport (other than swimming and running) but she still had a smile on her face after this race... Posted by Picasa


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