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Monday, December 11, 2006

Max's Soccer Season

Max had his first soccer season this fall - ending in Nov.
Max's big motivation for joining was that Nate was his soccer coach. Max loved the fact that 'the boys' would go off to soccer and to do 'boy' things together.
I wouldn't say that Max was the most focused player on his team...but he definetly had his good days and even scored a goal or two.
He is ready for his next season which will start in Jan. - and Nate will once again coach his team.

With all the rain we had this fall, many days on the soccer field looked like this...but for some strange reason I don't think the kids minded too much. The tough part was for the coaches to keep the 4 year olds focused on soccer and not on playing in the 'oh-so-much-fun' puddles!
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