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Monday, October 30, 2006

Kids Duathlon

Last Sat. a Kids Duathlon (bike/run) was held by the airport...both Tayah and Max participated and did great! Max has been riding without training wheels for a while but this was his first 'race' without them. He was really nervous and kept asking for his scooter (the 5 and under age group is VERY flexible) but in the end he rode his bike and had a smile on his face the whole time!!

I think that Max's favorite part of the race is getting his 'number' written on his arm!

This was Tayah's first race in the 6 -8 age group. Because of the rain, there were only about 25 participants so they decided to race all the 6 and older ages together. Let's just say that this was a HUGH step for Tayah to race with older kids - and she was the ONLY 6 year old and there was only one 7 year old - the rest were older than 7. Tayah's bike is WAY to small for her and when they all lined up with their bikes to start the race, Tayah's size and age really stood out. We were soooo very proud of her for sticking with it and doing the race. She was the last one to finish on her bike and start out on the run. Everyone stood at the finish line cheering her on as she finished the run part of the race.
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