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Monday, September 18, 2006

A Snake and Salamander Visit Max's School

Max's K4 class was learning about the letter 'S' two weeks ago - so Nate brought in a Brown Tree Snake and a Salamander for the K4 and K5 classrooms to see.
It was great fun as most of the kids had never seen a snake or salamander before (there are no sankes or salamanders on Saipan).
Max's teacher is from the island of Palau. She talked with me about growning up on Palau and how everyone was afraid of snakes. She was very nervous to have a snake in her classroom.
The Salamander has quiet an interesting background. He is an illegal resident!
He was found on a head of lettuce that was shipped from the mainland (the States) and since there are no salamanders on Saipan, he 'found' his way to Nate's office. It isn't worth sending him back, so he now enjoys a quiet, comfortable and quarantined life at the Fish and Wildlife Office!
So anyway - Max was sooo very proud of his dad for bringing in such 'cool' and unusual will be Tayah's First Grade Classroom!
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