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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Race To The TOP -Mt. Bike Race

Our friend Russ organized the first annual Tough Love Mt. Bike Race - it was a Race To The Top...
The race started at American Memorial Park -Micro Beach (sea level) and went straight up to the top of Mt. Tapachau - approx. 1800 ft.. It was a short race going straight up hill the whole time - with Nate taking 2nd place at around 35 mins.
The pictures I have are of Nate coming in to the finish line. It was an early morning race so I dragged the kids out of bed and off to the top of Saipan we went....
The joke of the race was that it was a race to the 'tallest' peak in the world...Saipan is on the Marianas Trench so that if you measure from the bottom of the Trench to the top of Mt. Tapachau, the race ended at the 'highest' peak in the world.

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