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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Korean Soap Opera cont.

Nate and I enjoying our time together during the 'shooting' at Banzai Cliff. It was almost like a 'date' - spending the day together without kids, going to fun places on the island, eating at a Korean restaurant, etc.!
Two other 'extra's' watching the shooting at Banzai Cliff. They are both teachers at SIS - the woman is Tayah's Spanish teacher and after hearing Tayah talk highly of her for the past year and a half, it was fun spending the day getting to know her and her husband (who teaches at the SIS High School).
This is one of the Soap Opera's main characters. He is apparently very well known in Korea - a Brad Pitt of Korean television! He was very friendly and because his English was fairly good it was easy for us to talk with him.
Nate and I watching the action at Banzai Cliff. Posted by Picasa


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