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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Korean Soap Opera!

Nate and I spent one full Saturday acting as extras for a Korean television Soap Opera that was here in Saipan for two days of shooting. Apperently the story had the actors here on Saipan for a vacation.
I was quite an experience! There were really only a few locations that we were needed - at Banzai cliff looking like American tourists on Saipan and then again for a few different shots at the airport...walking through the parking lot with suitcases and then past the two main families as they were getting into their airport transportation.
It was fun to be the only Americans (along with two other extras) - everything was obviously done in Korean. There would be Korean, Korean, Korean and then we would hear "you guys!" followed by some hand signals and that was our 'official' call to 'duty'!
All in all we had a great day, the weather was perfect and it was an exciting experience. Posted by Picasa


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