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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Max and Tayah's Birthday - June

Max and Tayah's have June birthdays - and for us, June means TRAVEL month. So we usually have to get creative and make sure that they have a fun birthday even if they are not at home with their friends on the actual day. Tayah was crossing the International Date Line on her 6th birthday and this year, Max was in Bangkok on his 6th.
So not only did I bring in all the fixings for ice cream sundays to each of their classrooms before the end of the school year, but they each got to have their own party. Tayah chose two school friends (and her sister) to go to PIC with her for the afternoon - swim and eat pizza. In the meantime, Max chose two friends to join him on a hike to Forbidden Island - snorkeling, hiking and then McDonalds for happy meals. Then, we all met back at our house and had the neighborhood friends join us for cake and play time outside! What a day! Here are some photos of Tayah's afternoon at PIC as well as the cake. Nate has the photos from Max's hike on his camera (Nate was with Max while I was with Tayah) and as soon as Nate is back on island, I will post those as well.

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Max's Graduation

Saipan International School celebrates the end of the Kindergarten year with a graduation ceremony. The kids get to wear cap and gown, receive a diploma, perform some poems and songs, receive awards, present their 'portfolios' to their parents and throw their caps at the end of the ceremony! Max's teacher, Ms. Munoz, did a fantastic job - using the theme "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss...very fitting idea for Kindergarten.
Congratulations Max! Now on to First Grade!

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Tayah's end of the year play - plus Bath Time starring Sera Ann!

Bath time with Sera Ann is never simple...but always amusing!
Tayah's class put on 'Pooh Fiction' as their end of the school year performance. Tayah's teacher, Goril, wrote the play and did an amazing job. It was an incredible combination of Winne the Pooh and the movie Pulp Fiction (PG style). Tayah was the Queen Bee whose opening line was "Everybody freeze! This is a robbery! If any of you animals move, I'll sting every last one of you!"

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