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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring 2008

Max, Krista, Sera Ann, Nate, Grandma Sara and Tayah with Nate at the XTerra finish line.
We had our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt again this year. After the hunt, I was looking around for Sera when Nate pointed out that she had gone straight into the kids playhouse with her basket and was quickly (before she got caught) eating each and every piece of chocolate from her basket. This is her look of surprise (or perhaps guilt) when she realized that she was busted!
We spent a day at Pau Pau with Grandma Sara during her three week stay in March. Tayah and Max love this rock as it becomes hotels and houses for their hermit crabs. They find shells, leaves, rocks, pieces of coral, etc. and make very imaginitive homes for their crabs in and around the small holes within the rock itself. The only challange is keeping those darn crabs from escaping!
Nate and his mom at Pau Pau...
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