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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

XTerra Race cont.

We drove up Navy Hill and found a spot to wait for Nate to pass by on his run part of the triathlon. It ended up to be a great spot to watch Nate - and here is Max 'high-fiving' his dad as he ran by.
Nate continuing his run after a water stop...
The big finish! Great Job Nato! The woman in the pink tank is our good friend Mieko - whose 'goal' was to finish ahead of Nate...way to go Mieko!
The five of us in the recovery tent after his finish...those are ice towels on his head and legs...aaahhh...
After missing out on the last two years of racing on a team, I am determined to be part of next years XTerra! Sooo, if you talk with me, ask me how my running is going. I need all the encouragment I can get! XTerra is in March, so I have 10 months left to train.
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