Saipan Hawleys

Friday, May 04, 2007

Grandpa and Aunt Jess visit Saipan

Beach on Managaha...
The little black dot you see out there is actually Nate and Sera Ann...
Sera will hang onto the back of Nate while he snorkels - she loves it!
It is pretty funny b/c when they get close enough to shore, all you see is Sera's head bobbing above the water and she will shout at us or if she hears us talking she will try to join in on the conversation...and if she can't hear what we are saying, she will yell "what?!".

Max at his finest...
Max, Tayah and Kavu couldn't get enough of the jumping...again and again and again.
Taking a walk around Managaha...
Sera Ann just hanging out on Managaha...(literally)
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