Saipan Hawleys

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Xterra visited Saipan again this year. This was the triathlons 6th year here on Saipan. We have been so lucky to be a part of such a fabulous event each year. The race brings professional (and amateur) athletes from all over the world (this year 14 different countries were represented).
The race entails a 1.5 km ocean swim (strong currents, low tides and hugh waves have added to the fun), 30 km bike (includes extreme single-track mountain biking with unforgiving uphills and steep/rocky/slippery down-hills) and ends with an exhausting, steep, hot and incredibly beautiful jungle/beach 12 km run.
Some years I have been on a team and done the run part of the race. I love the trail run and even when I don't participate in the race, I still run the trail pre/post race just for the fun of it.
Nate has completed the full course 4 different years. Our fist year here he was the mountain biker on a team and one year he was off-island (in Hawaii for work).
During the race (during the time between the swim and run when the races are off biking), Xterra holds a kids 'mt. bike race'. It is great fun for the kids and gives them something to do while waiting in the hot sun for the racers. This year, Tayah, Max and Sera all participated in the kids race. They all did great...Sera Ann was the only two year old!
Nate taking some time before his ocean swim...
It was so nice to have Uncle Nick here with us this year. I know that Nate loved having his brother there to cheer him on...(and the kids and I loved his company during the long race!)
Nate coming off the bike and starting out on his run. Posted by Picasa


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