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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TagaKids Triathlon

Every year, Saipan has an amazing week called Sports Fest. In a nutshell, there is a triathlon at both ends of the week - first the off-road XTerra and then the road Tagaman Tri.
Pre, Post and In-between, there is a ton of adventure and outdoor related activities with all of the professional athletes that come from around the world to partake in this incredible island work-out.
TagaKids is a kids version of the Tagaman triathlon that takes place during the adult Tagaman (while the athletes are out on their bikes).
Max decided to join the 6 - 9 year old division of TagaKids. I must admit that I don't really remember the exact distances of the bike and run portion - only that the swim was a 100 meter ocean swim.
Max was one of the youngest participants - but still did an amazing job.
I think that his swim was his strongest area - but he said that his favorite was the bike (just like his dad).

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