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Friday, February 27, 2009

Managaha Island

Whispering Palms school took their annual 3 day camp-out at Managaha Island last week.
Nate took part in the teaching (as he has for the past 8 years) and this year he put aside his monitor lizards and snakes for some amazing team building activities.
The kids attended other classes like Carolinian dancing, archery, mwar (flower head piece) making, snorkeling, scavenger hunts, etc.!
This camp-out is an incredible production, from the tents to the food - it is a little school-town on Managaha that teaches the kids some wonderful skills. The kids sleep with their classmates in the tents, have basic rules to live by, have contests for who can keep their tents the cleanest, sing songs and do skits around the campfire, excitedly participate in a morning dock jump and work together in teams to wash dishes and clean up after each meal.
The kids, needless to say, had a blast! (and we are still catching up on lost sleep!)

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