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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Summer in Oshkosh!

We spent a good part of two months in Oshkosh this summer (as well as Ohio, Door County and Oregon). We are so lucky to have both of our families based in Oshkosh. The kids were surrounded with love, attention and affection from so many family members and friends. The next 24 photos are of fantastic friends, loving family and some of the many adventures we had during our days in Oshkosh. Enjoy!

Here are 7 of the 8 kids that 'belong' to me and my two best childhood friends. Sera Ann, Mary, Max, Tayah, Lily, Danny and Isaac (Joey was at soccer practice). Every year we all get together - and we always make sure to take a photo of all the kids together - fun to see how they all have grown!
Nate and the kids getting ready for a canoe ride in the channel and out to Monkey Island. I grew up with that canoe and have many great memories of my time with friends canoeing around the area and Monkey Island.
On the train at the Menominee Park! It is a yearly ritual to take a ride on the train. I think that I like it as much as the kids do!
Tayah and Sera Ann on the train...
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