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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Summer at Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom's

This picture was taken at a Nature Preserve near Ada, Ohio. We spent almost two weeks with Aunt Mary (Uncle Tom was in France for work) at her house in Ada. This was our third summer in Ada and the kids and I had a blast. We have friends that we have seen every trip and also new friends that we met just this year. Mary's house is perfect for the kids - with a big yard and great patio. Tayah and Max celebrated their birthdays with their Ada friends, we went to the little ice cream shop just up the road from Mary's, went hiking, played in her yard, played at friends, went to the community pool with friends, went to the park and tons of other great summer adventures!
The bridge here is a suspension bridge and I must admit, a bit scary! But the trail was beautiful with lots of things to explore...and we ended the day with a picnic lunch in the preserve.
In the Nature Preserve...
Since we go to Mary's in the early summer, the kids always look forward to helping her pick out and plant her summer flowers. Mary is much more patient than I would be - and the kids love to help take care of 'their' flowers during their visit.
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