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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tinian with Grami

Well the pictures are a bit out of order - but the mini-vacation was fabulous and everything fell into place to give Grami a good idea of what the Island of Tinian is and was like. The history of the island is everywhere - from the ancient Chamorro Latte Stones to the intense World War II memorials...and the natural beauty of the island keeps you coming back for more.
This Aug., Grami came to Saipan for her 4th visit...the previous 3 visits didn't allow for a trip to Tinian (various reasons like the ferry was broken or a typhoon was headed our way) - so we were determined to get her there this time...and I think we all agree that it was a trip worth waiting for!
Mom and I at a memorial for all the people who lost their lives on Tinian during WWII. My mom was impressed at how well they are kept and at the offerings of flowers and candles that people still make.
It was a close call, but I must say that seeing these sea turtles up so close was the highlight of my trip. There were two turtles and they were playing in the waters near where the Tinian Ferry docks. While we were waiting to board the ferry, the turtles repeatedly surfaced and swam around a bit on the top of the water...allowing us to get some wonderful views of them.
It is days like this that I remember just how lucky I am to live here!
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