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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Summer at Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom's

Strawberry picking! Our friends took us to a family farm where they buy their eggs and milk. The family who owns the farm was very welcoming and showed us their cows and chickens and let us pick some strawberries. The berries that we picked were hands-down the best strawberrys that I have ever tasted. They practically melted in your mouth. The kids couldn't get enough! We will never foget those strawberrys.
Aunt Mary with the kids at the farm...
Our friends gave us some of the milk from the farm - and when we got home we made real whip cream to eat with the strawberrys (and blueberries). Nothing tastes like summer better than fresh cream and berrys...a little slice of heaven!
Aunt Mary and Sera Ann at the Nature Preserve - getting some fresh water at the pump.
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