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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Summer in Oshkosh!

I couldn't help putting this picture in...Max would be so embaressed. A few pictures down, I describe how he got his 11 stitches and how I would use bobby pins during the day to keep the hair out of his cut (which he was fine with)...but at night, when I knew the bobby pins would fall out, I put a pony tail in to make sure that absolutely NO hair would get caught in his cut. He could not stand the pony tail. However, he just looked so cute that I had to include a photo of Max in his p.j.'s, ready for bed after his cut was cleaned and medicated and his hair was pulled up.
Grami, Tayah, Max, Sera and I went to the Children's Museum and had a blast. It was a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon.
At work in the Water Works part of the Museum...
This was Max's favorite part of the Musuem- he spent hours gathering balls and putting them back into the tubes and tunnels where they would once again shoot back out. The whole room was filled with these tubes - it was great fun to watch Max be completely enthralled in this fabulous 'hands-on' science.
It was days like these that make me so grateful that I have this wonderful home (Wisconsin/Ohio) to come home to. Saipan is a magical island - but does not offer some of these opportunites for the kids. How lucky these kids are!
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