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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Summer in Oshkosh!

One of the kids favorite things to do at Grami and Bapa's is to hang out in the back yard...pick raspberries, swim, lay in the sun, run in and out of the hot tub, etc.
Max and his 11 stitches...
The day after his 5th birthday, Max and a corner of a wall had a fight...the wall won. Poor Max; Grami and I raced him to the hospital where he was very brave and got 11 stitches (not to mention ice cream and a popsicle from the doctor). While we were at the hospital, Bapa was at home trying to figure out just exactly the best way to get blood out of his white carpeting! (hint, hydrogen peroxide).
I didn't want to cut Max's hair short because we had Aunt Jess's wedding in two weeks, so Max was such a good sport and let me put bobby pins in his hair to keep it out of his cut.

At the Menominee Park Zoo with Grandma...
Still at the Zoo - Sera Ann saw all the green algea on the water and must have thought she could 'walk on water'. Before we knew it Sera was surfacing like a hippo from underneath the algea. She had seaweed hanging from every curl in her hair. I was picking seaweed out of her clothes for hours that night!
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