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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Summer in Oshkosh!

Our day in Madison...Nate, Nick, Tayah, Sera Ann, Jess, Jon, Dan and Max. We had just come from the ice cream shop - notice all our smiles!
Cindy and Kerry - my two best friends from childhood. We have gotten together every time I am in Oshkosh. It is always so much fun to get our families together for a BBQ, let the kids play and catch up with eachother. I miss you both so much - but I am so very blessed to have such wonderful friends.
Kerry's youngest - Mary, with Sera Ann.
Cindy and I...
Kerry had gotten these (very) old St. Mary's jerseys that were probably volleyball or basketball jerseys...only Kerry would think to take them - but Cindy and I were soooooo glad to have them! What memories of St. Marys! Those were the days! Crazy thing is that 22 is my lucky number! Thanks Kerry...
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