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Friday, August 01, 2008

Pai, Thailand - Summer 2008

Sera Ann looking a little worried as she rode on the back of Nate's motorbike...
Actually - she, and Max and Tayah, LOVED the motorbikes that we rented and it was a great way to see the area - the kids were always up for exploring on the 'bikes'...
We found this waterfall on one of our adventures...
The water was cold from being shaded - but the kids (and Nate) loved swimming out to the rock and jumping out into the falling water.
And off we go...
The famous Hot Springs of Pai! That is one of the things that we just loved about Pai - nothing was commericalized yet - everything was still just in it's natural state for you to enjoy.
We ended up staying here for a couple hours as the kids were having fun just playing around in the hot water.
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