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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend In Tinian!

We spent a fabulous 3 day weekend in Tinian with our good friends Gina and Ricardo and their three children, Alisa Mia, Alina (Ling Ling) and Alex. Nate had been working in Tinian during the week, so he flew home on Friday afternoon, picked up our three and headed to Tinian on the 5:00 ferry. I had a futsal (indoor soccer) game on Sat. morning... It was the first of our season and I had somehow been nominated to be Captain, so I played my morning game and then flew over to Tinian at lunch time. The kids were already at Gina's as Nate was working in the field, so Gina picked me up. After not seeing the Rankin's (except for some brief visits) for almost 6 years, it was wonderful to spend the weekend catching up. When we weren't at the beach or pool, Gina and I spent much of our time just sitting at her kitchen table talking and laughing - getting a good dose of 'soul food'! Gina and I used to hang out together in Saipan with Tayah and Alisa who were just one and two at the time. When they moved to Palau Jan. 2003, we were able to visit them in March 03. After that they moved to Rota and now, Tinian.
We feel so blessed to have been able to spend the whole weekend with them on such a beatiful and peaceful island.
Here are the kids playing at one of our favorite Tinian beaches...
Alisa Mia and Tayah (8 years old) - together again.
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